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We help busy working women to quickly get weight-loss results with our proven coaching, support group and custom meal plans.

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Do you want to fit into your clothes and feel confidence about how you look again?
Are you feeling tired easily or even start putting on weight ever since started your first job?
Have you struggled to lose tummy fat after having children?
Do you want to exercise more often after years of inactivity but gym is just "too tough" for you?
Are you suffering from “3 highs” and trying to avoid more medication and high hospital bills? 
Do you want direct access to weight-loss experts who can help you with sustainable solution without weight rebound? 

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The "Drop A Dress Size" Challenge For FREE
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  • 🔥 Stay Motivated & Accountable With Proper Guidance And Have Fun Reaching Your Goal
  • 💬 Support Group Chat To Get Your Burning Questions Answered & Receive Support You Need
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 Once Our Studio Is Maxed Out, We May Remove This Offer Without Warning!


So, What's The Catch?

I'm giving away this challenge because my team and I KNOW that when you have success dropping a few KGs of your weight through our proven system, you're more likely to stay with us for continuous coaching.

That's it! That's our only "evil" motive - for you to lose weight successfully, so you stay and join our fitness family and get weight-loss results of your life-time.  
Eugene Sng
- Founder of Lifestyle Studios

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